Bringing my passion for the stories I cover to you. 


Lukas J. Voss


I believe that talking about the facts and bringing them to my viewer is an essential part of why I am a journalist. Portraying, showing and explaining the issues that move the community I work in, is always my first priority. Making that extra call or staying late for a city council meeting will help me in giving the public a better understanding of what is going on around them through gapless reporting.


Refining the issues and working through the facts to find the information relevant to my viewers is a skill a pride myself on. While there are many aspects to a lot of stories, few facts truly matter to the audience. By finding the information that matter I can bring an exact, informative and accurate product to the viewer.


While facts and accuracy always take center stage, I try to present my stories by engaging the audience through creative story telling. Having a unique look and feel to my stories will help in making moments more memorable and keep viewers on for the next show.